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Reuters casts doubtful eye on Camelot’s lotto numbers, company’s ‘predatory’ view of market

A big brawl is going on in Pennsylvania over the way that Republican Governor Tom Corbett has been maneuvering to privatize the state’s successful public lottery. The governor held negotiations in secret for months before announcing in November, 2012 that he had chosen a single bidder, the UK’s Camelot Global Services, to be awarded a 20-25 year contract to operate the lottery.

This announcement, made while the Pennsylvania legislature was in recess, was intended to move the governor’s process to conclusion before the legislature came back into session. Public outrage caused Corbett to initially delay the contract, but in a move that seemed to show contempt for the state’s legislators, his office gave Camelot a “Notice of Award” late last Friday; just before the Senate Finance Committee was to hold a hearing on the details of the contract.

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