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The Inquirer chides Corbett for his ‘sugarplum visions’ and cheers Senate for agreeing to schedule a public hearing.

Better late than never, Gov. Corbett’s sugarplum visions of a privately managed Pennsylvania Lottery look like they’re in line for some much-needed public scrutiny – and maybe a reality check.

The proposed agreement to have sole-bidder Camelot Global Services PA L.L.C. run the already hugely profitable lottery – with a pledge from the British firm to leapfrog the state’s returns over the next 20 years – was developed largely behind the scenes by Corbett aides.

But before the state gambles on privatizing a service that provides $1 billion annually for programs benefiting elderly Pennsylvanians, officials need to be certain that the move is a much better bet than any scratch-off lottery ticket.

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