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Welcome to Protect Our Lottery, a statewide coalition whose members want to make sure that the Pennsylvania Lottery will continue to provide life-saving programs to our elderly. OUR coalition includes thousands of seniors, working Pennsylvanians, small business owners and good government activists concerned about transparency. Gov. Tom Corbett wants to auction off the lottery to the highest bidder. Gov. Corbett is conducting this auction behind closed doors with just one bidder – Camelot, a U.K.-based business that has established a Delaware corporation. Camelot has ‘imposed’ a Dec. 31st deadline for their proposal and Gov. Corbett appears to be pushing for an extension and appears to be considering allowing public hearings and public input.

CLICK HERE to join our coalition to stop the Corbett administration from turning over a valuable public asset that helps to save lives to Wall Street


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Learn more about about Gov. Corbett’s scheme to privatize the PA lottery by CLICKING HERE.